Knefe Bites

Disclaimer: If you’re a purist, then I highly advice you to look away, because this post will go against all your beliefs.


As a grown up, I look back at some of the habits we had as kids that stuck with us as we grew older. One of these habits was having knefe for breakfast. The Lebanese Knefe we’re used is basically made up of a cheese filling, (some people use Ashta for the filling, but it becomes too sweet and loses that magical stretch of melted cheese), sandwiched between two layers of fine kunafa pastry, which kind of resembles vermicelli noodles. The piece of kunafa is placed on top of a special bread, then drenched with the infamous rose water ater. And yes, you read that correctly, this was our breakfast.


Here comes the twist. In an attempt to go a bit lighter and slightly, relatively healthier, I opted to make them a bit smaller, for portion control, changed the filling in a way that would limit the need for extra added ater. Instead of the akkawi cheese (or the more commonly used mozzarella) I used sweetened mascarpone. What you’re left with is a crispy and crunchy base, topped with a creamy, sweet and aromatic topping, with an extra crunch from pistachios sprinkled on top.


However, you may still prefer to fill them with the classic ashta (clotted cream) and drizzle with sugar syrup, just choose the filling you wish to make, go ahead and indulge yourself with these super yummy treats.

Kunafa Bites

Kunafa Bites


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