Music to Bake to.

Weekend baking is something very sacred in my weekly routine. It’s my time to relax and unwind. I could quite happily spend a whole morning pottering round my kitchen, thumbing through recipe books, and experimenting with flavors.

As much as I am experimental with my baking, I am with my music. My taste in music varied from classical, to country, to pop, all the way to post-rock, it falls under an insanely wide spectrum, mainly because every event/moment/mood goes better with one genre rather than another. That’s also true for baking. Morning baking sets a different mood than evening or midnight baking.

So, imagine this, You wake up one  morning with that itch to bake. You have all your ingredients and equipment, you look around you feeling like you’re missing something. and then it hits you, inspiring tunes to bake to. Then you shuffle through your library, and YouTube playlists, trying to find somethings that’ll help you rock that rolling pin. That’s 30 precious minutes gone by before you start preparing your sweet treats.

After discussing this with a friend of mine on Twitter (@Legnus_), whose taste in music is undoubtedly the greatest, we got the idea of compiling our own little playlist that could save you the drag of searching for perfect music, and give you more time to work on those baked goods.

These tunes will have you whistling, swinging, smiling and humming. Careful not to spill that batter though!

You can find the playlist on 8Tracks.

Not to your taste? I’d love to know what music inspires you to sing and move about as you bake.


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  1. Maybe because I’m a 90s child, but something about the uppy beat of “Send me on my way” by Rusted Root while baking makes me wanna dance. Or other 90s to very early 2000s music.

    Sometimes I’ll go indie rock, and belt out some stuff. Other times I listen to Adele and Amy Winehouse (but only if I’m drinking wine while baking). 😉

    When it gets warm, I start to dabble in “Brown Eyed Girl” and other good classics from the 70s.

    1. rouaw says:

      High five for 90’s children! You just described perfectly how every genre fits a different mood. Any specific indie rock bands you listen to?

      1. I have a really hard time picking favorite indie bands, because I literally only know like 2 songs of any band. 😂 I know a lot of The Black Keys songs, but I’m not sure if they’re my favorite. I really like Tennis, but I only know two songs, same with Kurt Vile. 😂😂😂

      2. rouaw says:

        If you’re interested, I’m preparing a new playlist with indie artists!

      3. Really! I’d like to see what you choose! or if you need any help picking songs, I can certainly help. :o)

      4. rouaw says:

        That would be great, I can always use a different opinion. Send me a list of suggestions?

      5. Sorry for being so late! Basically most of Vampire Weekend gets this list. But particular favorites of mine of them include:
        1. campus
        2. walcott
        3. cape cod kwassa kwassa
        4. diplomat’s son
        5. m79

        Some random smattering of good songs I like to boogie to while cooking:
        1. no interruptions – hoodie allen
        2. crooked teeth – death cab for cutie
        3. this head i hold – electric guest
        4. ca plane pour moi – the headcoatees
        5. making me nervous – brad sucks
        6. blister in the sun – the violent femmes
        7. wonder – the aquadolls

        Hope you enjoy my suggestions! i’d love to see your final list. 🙂

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