12 Days of Baking Roundup, and The Blog’s New Face.


‘Twas 3 days after christmas. I’m pretty sure most of you are still trying to roll off the couch, and sober up from that infamous Christmas dinner. Over the past 2 weeks, I challenged myself to start a 12 Days of Baking series, where I tried to post a different dessert recipe every day for 12 days that can help with the pre-dinner dessert planning. It was also a way to push myself to commit to something. It came at a time when work was getting overwhelming, and my only source of stress relief was baking (minus the cleaning up part).

And I did it. Half the recipes happened in my kitchen in Qatar, and the other half in Lebanon. I’m not going to lie, after a few obstacles and disappointment of failed recipes along the way, it was almost a relief that it’s over. But the experience and lessons I got out of it are sure worth the journey. The cherry on top was having one of them posts (Chocolate Hazelnut Kisses) featured on FoodGawker (if you’re a real foodie, you’ll understand how much of a big deal that is). Now I know what I really want, and I’m so excited about sharing future projects I’m planning. Starting with my new logo, done by one of the most talented designer/artist I know, yes, my sister, and the blog’s new layout.

So here’s a roundup of the 12 Days of Baking recipes. I should thank my family and everyone who helped in consuming the goodies, and for pushing me to finish it when I almost gave up on it (and apologize for the upgrade in clothes sizes).

What was your favorite recipe?

12 Days of baking:
Day 1: Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies
Day 2: Red Velvet Brownie Bars
Day 3: Melt-in-your-mouth Snowball Cookies
Day 4: Easy Chocolate Truffles
Day 5: Hot Cocoa Mix.
Day 6: Chocolate Espresso Pot-de-Creme
Day 7: Chocolate Hazelnut Kisses
Day 8: Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies
Day 9: Cinnamon Biscuits
Day 10: Coconut Macaroons
Day 11: Honey Roasted Cinnamon Nuts
Day 12: Cinnamon Roll Bites

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