A Fail and a Win: From Muffins to Truffles.

You know the cliche that says: “When something fails, don’t give up on it. Be patient and it will reveal new opportunities.” Come to think about it I think I just made that up..

In life you go through ups and downs, fails and successes, you learn from your mistakes and you rise on your wins. Bear with me, I promise there’s a point to my philosophical blabbing..

A couple of days ago, I came back from class in a really messed up mood. Senior year is the toughest year in any major, let alone if you’re studying to be an architect. So as usual I came home, headed straight to the kitchen, and put out my baking gear.

The first thing I can think about making was muffins. A small briefing about my view on muffins. I think they are very underrated, labeled as “cupcake’s ugly cousins” they do not get the credit they deserve. Muffins teach you not to judge anything by the way it looks, they teach you it’s more important to be beautiful on the inside, and the latest lesson it has taught me is that if something disappoints you, don’t give up on it.

I started making my batch of Chocolate Banana Muffins, recipe adapted from here, I made a few adjustments, I added half a cup of Yogurt and some almonds. The batter looked heavenly, I thought this is going to be really good! Put them in the oven, baked beautifully. And then came the hit in the face. They’re just too dry.

You know you’re going to have leftover sweets when morning comes and the batch is still there. I spent the weekend away from home and came back Sunday determined to make this work.. I will NOT give up on muffins!!



So from flop muffins to faux-truffles, I had a new dessert at hand! IMG_4116

All you need to do is get the muffins, break them down to quarters, put them in a food processor along with whatever liquid you like, I put chocolate syrup, about half a cup (for the 16 muffins) and 3 teaspoons of Jam, you can use any kind you like it won’t really affect the flavor, I used apple because it was the only one I had in my pantry. Beat them in the processor till you get a sticky texture that holds together without crumbling.

Put them in a ball and start scooping. Again you can either leave them just rolled in balls just like they are, or cover them with anything you like.

Option 1 for covering;
Sift unsweetened cocoa powder in a bowl with some icing sugar. Roll the balls and refrigerate.

Option 2 for covering;
Some shredded coconut. Roll the balls and refrigerate.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. HishamAD says:

    I totally connect with this situation. I know what I baked is not good when it stayed for more than a day or two.
    Sometimes I repurpose the outcome like you did and come up with good results.

    You could have made cake balls too. Works as well.

  2. anonymous says:

    “When something fails, don’t give up on it. Be patient and it will reveal new opportunities.”
    Paulo Coelho move aside! ^^

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